My name is Alireza Moazami, and I am a freelance web developer based in Qom, IR.
I have 19 years commercial experience, and specialise in front–end and server–side development (specifically with the LAMP stack).
I enjoy creating custom content management systems, enterprise security and computing projects and other web-based applications in large-scale websites, and a bit of a huge fan of writing and consuming good, RESTful web services and APIs.
I like to stay up to date by reading books and articles daily, so also familiar with emerging technologies.

Feel free to contact me at ɹı˙xd6@qǝʍ :)
Studies and skills:
  • Design (UI & UX) with HTML, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS
  • Programming; PHP, JavaScript, C++, Linux Bash scripting
  • Database; MySQL, MongoDB
  • Performance; Client & Server side
  • WebService, API, XML, JSON
  • Cryptography & Cryptocurrency
  • Security; IDS, Hacking defence, Authentication system, OTP, ...
  • Web applications (that work offline & haven't dependency on client OS)


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